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Meet The Group


Arts Catalyst

Arts Catalyst is a visual arts organisation and charity based in Sheffield, UK. Through art we explore social and environmental issues, provoke debate and test out alternative ways of learning.


Chol Theatre & Arts

We specialise in co-creating art in everyday spaces with children and young people from early years to early career.  Our primary focus is to bring theatre and arts into the heart of local communities, inspiring creativity and making art accessible for everyone.


Studio Polpo

Studio Polpo is a Sheffield-based social enterprise architecture practice. We use situated and collaborative approaches to create objects, structures, initiatives and research-led resources that enable transformative social change.


And Other Stories

We are an independent, not-for-profit publisher of innovative contemporary writing from around the world. We aim to push people’s reading limits and help them discover authors of adventurous and inspiring writing.



Roundabout is South Yorkshire’s local youth housing charity providing shelter, support and life skills to young people aged 16-25 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.


Gut Level

Gut Level Sheffield is a queer led DIY event space and collective that focuses on dance music, club culture and the surrounding communities.


Ignite Imaginations

Ignite Imaginations aims to make every Sheffield community a creative place and to celebrate and connect communities through art and creativity. 


City of Sanctuary

City of Sanctuary Sheffield is an independent charity working in solidarity with people seeking sanctuary in Sheffield. 


Third Angel

Third Angel is a theatre company making exciting and original contemporary performance that speaks directly, honestly and engagingly to its audience.



In response to a rapidly evolving landscape of work, Aalfy delivers learning experiences for young people and adults to become enterprising, resilient, adaptable and agile individuals.


Sheffield Tool Library

Sheffield Tool Library will allow people to borrow tools regardless of their personal circumstance to support people and give them confidence, agency and knowledge to engage with DIY and making.


Migration Matters Festival

The festival’s central aim is to bring together all the people of the city to recognise each other, and to see people not for the labels that divide us, but for the unique talents and skills that make us who we are.



Sheffield Environmental Movement’s ethos is to work with BAMER communities and environmental organisations to ensure everyone has a clean healthy environment and access to open green spaces that would promote a good quality of life.

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Co-Working Co-operative (CIC)

Co-Working Co-operative (CIC) is a community interest company whose profits are reinvested into developing the facilities and activities our city needs.


Live Works

Live Works is an initiative led by the School of Architecture at the University of Sheffield. Our aim is to open up our pioneering teaching, design and research to the benefit of the city of Sheffield and beyond.


Bloc Projects

Bloc Projects is a contemporary arts organisation in the centre of Sheffield. We focus on the support and development of contemporary artists at pivotal points of their careers.


Andro and Eve

Andro and Eve is a queer arts organisation based in Sheffield and aim to provide inclusive and accessible spaces for the LGBTQ+ community to enjoy queer culture in Sheffield and across South Yorkshire.

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