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Our Next 10 Years

In the next few years, we are aiming to gain support from Councils, developers/landlords, the public and other small/non-profit organisations within South Yorkshire to ensure spaces are safe, more permanent and accessible. Scroll down to learn more about our future vision.

Our Current Concerns

We are connect through the spatial precarity. The current temporary lease terms give rise to difficulties in securing a permanent space which in turn prevents organisations from investing too much money in their spaces. Perhaps more importantly, this obstructs the organisation from applying for long-term funding and the continual re-application of funds takes away from the valuable time that could be invested directly in their communities.

Our Future Vision







This year, the Future Buildings identity will be established working with the Sheffield School of Architecture (SSoA). Branding, logo designs and website will be finalised to kick start the advocacy of what Future Buildings aims to achieve. 


The SSoA student group will handover modular furniture to test spatial arrangements within spaces and additionally a promotional document. This promotional document is targeted at council bodies to push for and gain support in better leasing contracts and safer spaces to use.

By 2024, the support behind Future Buildings has pushed the bettering of agreements between the council/developers/landlord owned spaces and non-profit organisations. Furthermore, policies are now in place to ensure spaces that are rented out are above health and safety standards.

By 2026, the further support from Sheffield City Council will allow for non-profit organisations to have more lease security and retain some of the existing spaces to maintain on-going local community outreach. This will create a more permanent and supportive network of spaces.

By 2028, the Future Buildings “Headquarters” is designed and opened as a shared space(s) for all the organisations involved. The space(s) will be permanent, safe and accessible.

By 2030, there will be more active expansion of Future Buildings and engagement with micro non-profit organisations around Yorkshire and beyond. The work by the organisations will be positively impacting hundreds of communities.

An unstoppable Future Buildings!! By 2032, future buildings are thriving with members of the organisation collaborating with many non-profit organisations around Yorkshire. All spaces used by the organisations will be safe, permanent and flexible. The impact of these organisations on Sheffield communities and beyond will be HISTORIC.

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